The best way to treat the substance abuse?

For many individuals, the first step towards the recovery is recognizing their struggle with substance abuse. The next step should be finding an appropriate program that can help you restore your life and improve your health. Unfortunately, many people don’t think in this way, and they are sure they can overcome this condition on their own. The medicine has advanced so much, and there are countless treatments that you can explore which can help you restore and lead a healthy life. We are going to discuss some of them and submit you all available options.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy is well-accepted among the medical professionals, and it’s focused on obtaining goals directly related to the present life of the client. The treatment will examine all behaviors that are unhealthy and harmful to patient’s health. In an example of substance abuse, the reaction is likely to happen because drugs and alcohol create a feeling of euphoria, calm your body and eliminate the pain. This is why behavioral therapy includes psychoeducation and planning, assertiveness training, relaxation training, functional analysis, and exposure. If you are working with an excellent therapist, who can point your problems, then you can overcome thing condition and restore your life.

Contingency Management

Considering that hardest part comes after detoxication period, people are struggling with addiction, need to work on improving the mental condition. In this case, it’s easy to relapse again, and we all want to escape that situation. Contingency Management is a specific therapy used in the treatment of substance use, such as alcohol, stimulants, opioids, marijuana, and nicotine. In this case, the patient is awarded every time he accomplishes a specific goal. Of course, the desired behavior is abstinence from substances, and the reward is used to build their new routine. This therapy involves voucher-based reinforcement, prize incentives, and natural contingencies.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

CBT utilizes behavioral treatment as a base of its view but gives equal importance to thoughts and feelings. CBT is grounded in the idea that negative behavior leads to harmful actions and unwanted feelings. In this type of therapy, a therapy will act as a coach and a teammate to access and understand your behavior and even go beyond to learn the sources of reinforcement to comprehend your thoughts and feelings. For instance, people who have “all or nothing” cognitive distortion will think that their life is falling apart if it’s not perfect. Considering the perfection can’t be obtained, they usually learn that drug use can cover and mask those feelings, and that’s what CBT is trying to rectify.


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is formed during the same time as CBT, and it has many similarities. It emphasizes behavior, and instead of focusing on feeling, REBT centers on a belief of the patient. REBT considers that flawed and unrealistic expectations are the center of psychological issues. The common themes of irrational behavior are: people in my life must love me and treat me fairly, I must perform well, I must get what I want, and I must avoid things that are too difficult.